Order & Pay for Document Reviews Now!

If you are simply looking for a quick document review, you can now submit documents directly to our firm and pay for the review for a quick turn-around.

Why does this benefit you?  Our firm practices “Ever-Green” billing, in which our staff only works on cases in which a retainer is present or the task has been paid for up-front.  This benefits our clients and practice to minimize, and one day eliminate, the task of invoicing and tracking down payments due.  Clients can rest assured that our time is being spent on their case and not tracking down a Joe Shmoe from last year who didn’t pay his tab.

Why waste time interviewing attorneys and going through the process of a consultation when you are really interested in the “meat and potatoes”- what a contract is really saying and what you should do with a contract (i.e. sign it, litigate it, or simply throw it away)?

To get started…

  1. Count the number of documents you need to be reviewed.*
  2. Click on the picture below corresponding to the number of pages to be forwarded to pay for your review.  Before completing the purchase, please review the Disclosure below.  Completing your purchase in this step confirms that you have read and agree to the disclosure.
    • Ensure the number and e-mail address provided during payment is correct, as that will be the means in which we contact you.
    • If your document is over 40 pages, give us a call.  More than likely, your review is a little more complicated than you might think and our firm would like to consult with you first!
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      Document Review 1-10 Pages
      Document Review 11-20 Pages
      Document Review 21-30 Pages
      Document Review 31-40 Pages


      CLIENT commissions Stewart Law, ATTORNEY, to complete a document review in Brevard County, Florida, and CLIENT does hereby give to said ATTORNEY the right to review and investigate all legal paperwork provided to attorney and to deliver legal opinions and advice to represent the CLIENT’s interests.

      IN CONSIDERATION of the services rendered and to be rendered by said ATTORNEY, CLIENT hereby agrees to remit non-refundable payment immediately at the rate of approximately $15 per page, with a 10-page fee minimum.

      Note: This service does not imply that Stewart Law or associated attorneys represent you. If our office declines to represent you, or we do not execute a formal Retainer Agreement, please be advised that we do not represent you with regard to the matter set forth by you regarding this document review, nor any other matters you may have discussed with us during your consultation. If your legal problem involves a potential lawsuit, a lawsuit must be filed within an applicable Statute of Limitations. Therefore, we strongly urge you to immediately consult with other legal counsel regarding this matter. The action of declining your representation should not be taken by you as any expression as to the merits of your case.

      In the event that you seek representation and we agree to accept representation, you will be required to execute an Agreement for Representation (Attorney Employment Contract/ Fee Agreement/ Employment Contract) which you must sign and return to our office; along with the agreed minimum retainer fee. If you do not sign and return the agreement, we do not represent you.

      Your payment acknowledges only that you have been offered a document review consultation and does not mean you have hired the attorney.

      CLIENT acknowledges that the basis of computing ATTORNEY’S compensation has been fully explained to him and that ATTORNEY’S compensation is based upon, among other factors, the time and labor involved, novelty or difficulty of questions presented, the results obtained, time limitations imposed by this representation, the reputation, experience and ability of ATTORNEY in performing this type of service.

      CLIENT acknowledges that ATTORNEY has made no promises to CLIENT which have not been set forth in this agreement, as to the outcome of the review except that ATTORNEY has promised to render his/her best professional skill / advice.

      IT IS FURTHER understood that the fee agreed upon herein does NOT include services for filing suit, trial, an appeal, or a retrial if such should become necessary. In the event a suit, appeal or retrial is filed, a new and separate agreement will be entered into.

      PAYMENT OF THE REVIEW FEE SHALL CONSTITUTE ATTORNEY’S AUTHORITY TO PROCEED WITH THIS SERVICE. CLIENT hereby acknowledges that he/she has had all of the terms of this agreement explained to him/her and he/she fully understands all of the provisions herein.

  3. E-mail your documents to Staff@StewartLawCS.com.  Scans and legible screenshots are sufficient.  For the Subject, please put “Document Review: Ordered [input date]”.
  4. Sit back, relax, and know that an experienced attorney will review your documents and get back to you as soon as possible.

*Our definition of a Page is 10-12 point font, double spaced.  Documents in which font is super small or spacing is abnormally close together will have the number of pages reviewed adjusted. Nice try if you attempt this though!

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